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Posted by Margi ( on August 02, 2000 at 17:40:18:

In Reply to: Thanks for the fast answer...now... posted by pinksharkmark on August 02, 2000 at 17:26:50:

Dairy products go back to the old candida theory...and that is still up for debate on candida's relation to clusters, but, to me anyways, it makes a lot of sense. I won't go into it (the candida theory) here, but the problem with dairy products is the antibiotics they give the dairy cows. Antiobiotics stay in the cow's system and do get into the milk they produce. The antibiotics kill off our good bacteria (as well as the bad), therefore making an environment in our systems that becomes friendly for candida to grow. Humans are the only adults that intentionally ingest milk from another species. Go figure. We don't need it. We can get calcium from lots of other sources and you'd be amazed at the myriad of problems that go away that you didn't even realize you had while you are doing dairy. Acne, indigestion, HEADACHES, skin irritations, etc., etc., etc. If you really must do dairy, at least take a supplement of acidopholus to restore the good bacteria to your system to fight off the candida.
That sound you hear is me getting down off of my soap box now. ;)
p.s. alcohol/beer also feed the candida monster because of the yeast involved in the brewing process. K, I'll shut up now.

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