I just had to post here briefly re Geo and August..............

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Posted by Tracy ( on August 28, 2000 at 18:36:00:

I haven't been here for a while (reasons varied, so won't go into them).

But I can't help noticing that there are some here that are out for trouble again.

As for Geo.... well, don't we have a pseudo intellectual wannabe! I assume from the clipped almost crisp English tones and the precise definition of all things physco that he/she feels they're another "Freud"?

I have to point out to them that we are all capable of many things here, especially being serious and discussing in depth various treaments, tests, etc. However what of people like me whose doctor's refuse to send them for treatment? People whose only outlet here (through cycle and remission) is through banter with others and jokes and chat and......SHARING? What are we to do? I can't discuss tests (haven't had any), I can't discuss meds(are not given any) and I can't discuss treatments with other doctors (not seen any). So going by Geo's new "rules" I shouldn't really be here. Of course how many other "Geo's" have we had here telling us how, what and where to post - only to see them either drop the attitude to disappear into the internet ether?

I at least rest in the sure and certain knowledge that either he or his pseudo facade will fall by the wayside. As a CH sufferer of 5 years now and going into another cycle (earlier than ever), I feel the facade will fall first. Pain is the greatest equaliser going. When you're dribbling, crying and banging your head with a CH attack off the Kip, I don't think it matters whether your IQ is off the scale or whether your sister is really your mother's uncle inasmuch that you have the same brain cell count of a small ameoba!!

August I don't believe that you "ripped out" Ted's heart. He cares too much for you and you for him to have that happen. So DON'T go. I don't care what anyone said to you. It's less than nothing. They're just WORDS! They truly can't hurt you. There are more of us who care about you, than those who don't. Just think about that first! We liek you here. I really like you here. I am SOOOOO tired right now, so don't make me look for you! :O)

Okay, I have to get back to work and it's now 11:40pm and I have at least another 2 hours to do. So before I fall, I will stagger with exhaustion off my soapbox and leave you guys to a pleasant evening! And yes, I know that my "brief" post turned into (another) "War and Peace"!!! What can I say? Less probably, but then it wouldn't be me!! :O)

Take care and God bless,


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