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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on September 07, 2000 at 09:46:07:

In Reply to: Your response posted by VD on September 07, 2000 at 01:50:09:

"Did I say that? Well I'm not."

I'm glad to hear that you are no longer getting your headaches. What confused me was your use of the PRESENT TENSE in this quote: "I have migranes, Clusters, Tensions, Headaches headaches fucking headaches. I have migranes as bad as clusters that last two fucking days... "

On to the next point :

"Cuz if you were physiologically incorrect you would have had it at some adolecent stage, maybe at birth, not as you got older alot of people here get it when they are past puberty."

Not necessarily true. The body doesn't stop changing at the end of puberty. One example is male pattern baldness. Although a very few men start losing hair in their late teens, most start the process considerably later in life. And you correctly noted that only "a lot" of people, not all, develop clusters later in life. Some do get them during adolescence or even earlier... yourself, for example.

"I've had my headaches since I was FIVE."

Did you ever wonder why that was? What was so radically different about your lifestyle in the first five years of your life that cursed you with such a condition? How was your diet, exercise routine, etc., different from all the rest of the five-year-olds sitting in the same kindergarten class with you? My guess is that it wasn't all that different.

"Not the same doenn't cause clusters."

On this point we disagree. I think I am in the majority in believing that this is PRECISELY why we get clusters... because we are not the same as non-clusterheads. If bad diet and lack of exercise and the intake of nicotine, alcohol, etc. were the cause of clusters, you can certainly believe that there would be a lot more clusterheads in the world than a fraction of one per cent of the population, because, as you correctly pointed out, the vast majority of Americans do not lead a particularly healthy lifestyle. Logically, there must be something more involved.

Some questions for you now. You say you are no longer getting headaches. Can you tell me how long after you improved your diet, changed your exercise routines, etc., it took for your headaches to stop coming? How many years has it been since your last headache? What specific vitamin and mineral supplements worked for you? What kind of exercise routine are you following? Did you stop smoking (if you ever smoked to begin with) and cut back or eliminate alcohol completely? Are you avoiding MSG and other additives and staying away from certain types of food?

I am interested in knowing these things because I am doing all of the above (some of them for almost two decades now) with no success whatsoever. I am probably doing some things wrong or missing a crucial vitamin or something. Any advice would be appreciated.



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