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Posted by VD ( on September 07, 2000 at 01:50:09:

In Reply to: hmm... posted by pinksharkmark on September 07, 2000 at 00:43:36:

""It seems that your objection is to ingesting chemicals not found in nature, i.e. Verapamil, Lithium, Depakote, Imitrex, Topamax, etc.""

I'm sure since you profess to these chemicals you know the dangers, or at least have witnessed them. Ever seen an induced stroke? The aftermath?

"If you are still getting all these headaches, presumably your lifestyle changes aren't enough to eliminate the pain"

Did I say that? Well I'm not.

""I am a self-professed wimp""

So am I

""Possible and probable are not the same thing.""

True, but as it is, if you do not change lifestyle you are doing NOTHING preventative and just
sitting on your ass waiting for the next hit.

""You concede that some people have nerve cells that differ from other people's, i.e. a PHYSIOLOGICAL difference. They were born that way. That's what I'm saying, too... clusterheads
have brains that are physiologically different from other people's brains.""

Are you implying that the rest of us a physiologically the same???? Not the same doesn't mean you are damaged. Not the same doenn't cause clusters.
Want to know why? Cuz if you were physiologically incorrect you would have had it at some adolecent stage, maybe at birth, not as you got older alot of people here get it
when they are past puberty. Alot of damage could have been made by deficiencys in that time. For those that have suffered accidents, well, Good lifestyles would help them too.
Just as much in my opinion.
Want to know something else? I've had my headaches since I was FIVE. Lifestyles changes helped me. Now where does that put your "physiological differences" argument??

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