Prednisone or ?

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Posted by Randy B. ( on September 16, 2000 at 22:32:37:

I feel like I came in at the end of a movie. I had no idea prednisone was so bad for you.
Being that I`ve only been using meds for CH`s for about 14 months (3 cycles of attacks)
I dont think I`ve taken that much to be concerned about. I think ? The dosage is 20mg 4 times a day
for a week. On one cycle I did refill the script.
This is my second day of looking around, reading posts etc... and if I hadnt I never would have known
about the side effects. I guess I was so glad that there was SOMETHING, ANYTHING that could help, I didnt
question at all, or at least very little. Stupid of me. I will be much more informed next time I go to my neuro.
which WILL be soon. For what it`s worth here`s what I currently take during a cycle.

verapamil-120mg twice a day for a month, longer if needed
prednisone-20mg 4 times a day for a week, longer if needed
imitrex-50mg tabs as needed

The neuro said it was a starting point, see what shakes and he had other options if needed.
I did ask about oxygen, but he wanted to hold off, said if we needed to we would go into "pain management", first
he wanted to try and break the cycles. I let him lead me. I was just glad that there was something available.
I have had mixed results, but the one thing that I dont understand is the usefullness of imitrex in tab form...
My CH`s come so friggin quick that a tab really has no way of working in time. Unless I take it at the sight of
the faintest shadow. Heh, if I did that, they might as well put me on an IV of the stuff.
It seems to me that I should press about o2 again, as well as find some alternative to prednisone.
Christ I have a lot to 2 days here, I`ve learned more than 14 months of knowing what i have.
I`m not really sure if I`m asking anything or just venting, but thanks for being here.

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