A Special Day... A chronic CHer's first mushroom treatment.

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Posted by Q ( on September 17, 2000 at 21:37:41:

I am a diagnosed chronic CH sufferer. My current abortives are O2 (standard 10 ml/min, non-rebreather, etc.) and Imitrex (injection, spray and tablets). My current preventatives are wellbutrin (75 mg/day) and depakote (250 mg 2x day). My attack pattern is generally 1-2/night every night and 1 daytime attack 3-4 times per week. After very careful consideration and planning I decided to implement the mushroom treatment for the CH condition. The approach to this treatment was along the lines of classic psychoactive drug treatment, aka "The Psychedelic Experience", especially pertaining to Set, Setting and Dosage. The use of wellbutrin and depakote was tapered off over a two week period ending three weeks ago, in preparation for the mushroom treatment, in order to clear these drugs from my system.

Set & Setting -- As just stated, much preparation was made in education and developing the right mental attitude towards this treatment. Without going into details in this report, suffice it to say that nothing was spared to provide the optimum internal and external conditions.

Dosage -- We securred a fresh supply of various mushrooms from a nearby rural area and sorted them according to species and discarded the junk, leaving two species for testing: (1) the Texas majic-classic and (2) the smaller liberty cap. We boiled approximately 15 of the Texas caps and stems into a quart of water for approximately 15 minutes, used a potatoe masher to ensure circulation of the stew, removed from the stove and let steep for 15 minutes, mixed 50/50 with strong "Starbucks" coffee, adding a package of "sweet 'n low" and a dash of honey.

I consummed one 8 oz coffee cup of the mix and after 30 minutes, drank a second cup of the same mix.

Initial Reactions -- The effects were mild, producing only a slight intoxicated feeling, but just enough to identify an effect. The set and setting were maintained for approximately 4 hours after the dose was completed. During this time, a general feeling of serenity was evident. Three others were with me, none of whom partook of the potion, but were intimately involved in the entire treatment.

Wind-down Reactions -- I retired approximately 6 hours after the initial dose and slept very soundly for approximately 8 hours. Upon waking, I had a big disappointment in having one of the morning attacks, but was able to quickly drive it away with a cup of strong "starbucks" coffee and nothing else.

At this writting, it has been 24 hours since the initial dose was taken. There is a mild, not unpleasent, residual effect, similar to calmness. The plan is to wait and see what happens over the next couple of days, and determine whether to take a second dosing with the remaining supply of what appear to be the Liberty Caps.

Conclusions -- The treatment is promissing for the following reasons.

(1) I am chronic and all other mushroom treatments seem to have been reported by episodics.
(2) There were no "sleep-time" attacks, which had been the very much norm over the past few months.
(3) There are no unexpected or adverse side-effects.
(4) The morning "upon-awaking" attack was mild and easily aborted with coffee, without having to resort to O2 or Imitrex, and produced no subsequent "shadow" or rebound HA.

Possible Subsequent Treatment -- My "treatment team" and I are willing to repeat the set and setting, using a much higher dose and deeper psychoactive experience seeking method if necessary. This will not be attempted sooner than, say 3 months, from now, if the attacks continue.

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