I am calm, I swear.....(warning..this post is not intended for those of you who are offended by naughty words and who do not like to read a lot)

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Posted by Georgia ( on April 27, 2001 at 16:48:47:

I just got back from the doctor's office and boy what great fun it was. I must say I am very proud of myself for not dumping his cup of coffee on his crotch or being dragged out by security. Let's just say that he and I were not best of friends when I left, in fact he was not even speaking to me. Someone here said that I have a wee bit of a temper (you know who you are Dennis Millhouse O'Connor), and I said pshaw, but after this visit and the pain I have been in, I just might agree with you.

Oh where to begin...let's see....first I told him that when I call his office 20 times in one day and have to spell the word cluster to his oh so bright receptionist, I expect the common decency of receiving a return call, minus the attitude that I am a drug addict. He refused to look me in the eye the entire visit and just mumbled something about how he tried to call. And me, being the sweetheart that I am right now, said.."Really? Gee I thought it was your policy not to talk to patients on the phone, and I understand, you need the money that an office visit brings." He didn't find it amusing.

He wrote me a script for lithium while I was telling him about my last two weeks, which I have tried in the past and which made my hair and finger nails fall out. I looked like I had a crew cut, not to mention the fact that it did nothing for my ch. I kindly told him that I was not going to take lithium again because of the aforementioned side effects and latent ineffectiveness, at which point he told me that I do not have cluster headaches anymore. IF ONLY! Oh no no, they are migraines now. When I asked for the reasoning behind this sudden change in diagnosis from the man who just kept me in the hospital for five days for cluster headaches, he told me simply that I did not have the facial features during a headache that all cluster heads have. And besides, I was in a level 3 shadow at the moment and he thought that I should therefore be rolling on the floor in agony. I smiled and told him that if I rolled on the floor with a level three...what on earth would I do with a level ten? A girl needs to save her strength and it is amazing what one can grow accustomed to. Mind you, the man has never seen me with a ch. When I brought this to his attention, he then told me that I suffer from daily chronic headaches based on the fact that I get them everyday. At which point brilliant little me decided to throw in that I likely have tension headaches, or maybe I have just have regular old headaches, what the hell...let's call them a sinus infection that last for three fucking years. He then reminded me that he was the expert and I was not. Well obviosly. Afterall, he admits four cluster heads to the hospital and induces remission every single week. Why NY must have the highest population of cluster heads in the whole world. I asked him just how many cluster cases he has seen and he told me about 100. It would therefore appear that he has only been practicing for about six months. He assured me this was not the case. It seems that math was not his strong point in medical school. He didn't much care for that comment either. Go figure. It gets better...

Then he referred me to a psychologist; to "help me deal with the pain". I told him the cute little story of the encylopedias at my house from 1978 that say that headaches are merely psychosomatic and isn't it amazing how many doctors still treat their patients as if that were true? He did not like that story for some reason. Did I mention that he asked if taking an aspirin helped?

I refused to leave his office without something for the pain as well as a preventative, and was told that he took an oath when he became a doctor to not harm his patients and can not break that by giving me any meds. Does this make any sense to anyone? I told him I think he already broke that oath when he made my headaches worse than they ever have been and is flat out refusing to help me. Does the word malpractice ring a bell, doc? It was amazing how quickly he started writing scripts after that.

I must say that my saving grace was my mother who went with me to the appointment. She did her best to mediate and to keep me from not strangling the bastard, which I assure you was no easy task. He escorted me to the door with a bill for $150. I did however, leave with two scripts. One for pain and one as a preventative. When the receptionist asked when I would like to schedule my follow up appointment for, I said I didn't think that would necessary. I would rather die than spend another moment in a room with such a callous and ignorant "doctor". Oh and I might have mentioned briefly about wishing them good luck in getting any money out of me. Something about how I would rather file bankruptcy than give him a dime. And yes, he was standing right there.

I must say that I received quite the lecture in the car on the way home about being nice and playing their game. Am I wrong here? Should it be necessary for me to be put down and treated like shit and flat out ignored because he has a degree on his wall that says he is a doctor? I am just so damn frustrated at this point. I have one more thing to confess to...and it is very, very bad....I wished with all my might that he had just one cluster headache, just one that lasted for a few hours. I would love to see how noble he is during that.

God, my post is starting to resemble a Carl D post, lengthwise I mean. I am truly sorry for rambling on like this. I just have no one else to turn to that understands. He gave me Prozac, by the way, as a preventative. Has anyone had any luck with that?

Thank you again for listening, and for understanding. I am so grateful for this board and for all of you that continue to fight and to support. Wishing you pain free days and nights and that you stay far, far away from this asshole.

And one last thing...his name is Dr. Mark Dentinger and he is located in Albany Medical Center. :)

Peace (lol) and love,

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