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Posted by Charlie S ( on June 30, 2001 at 03:09:38:

In Reply to: A bit confused myself? posted by Dave Emond on June 30, 2001 at 02:13:45:

relaxation, imagery, or positive thinking. It's a hell of a fight. One thing I should mention is that I would catch myself losing the battle and easing up on this. It's hard to come back but it can be done. I really have problems with the term, shadows. I had a dull throb many times but after these things, (yes, I thought of suicide too, but not for long)they were a joke. I never felt like banging my head. I think that is because I already had epilepsy and I didn't need to aggravate that. I used to scream, moan, swear and run around the room, but I never thought of banging my head. This thing will stop any level of headache but I know it's hard when in pain.
Now and then I had to give up, take a leak or get a drink of water, refresh my wet washcloth. While doing these things I really tried to keep up the technique. I was successful now and then, but not always. What this thing does is sometimes keep it down to a moaning level and then very quickly (after a battle of course) it would seem to drain away the damn thing. This was always too soon for it to be the natural end of these things. There were those times when I could kill the thing in a couple of minutes...what a relief, no mattter how short-lived. It always gave me an incentive to use it no matter what. I used to do some pacing, twisting in my chair, screaming, and rocking back and forth. I thought I was done for many times, that no one could stand this kind of thing. This thing worked often enough to want to use it every time. It is exhausting but it isn't a lot of force. It's a constant struggle to keep trying to divert some blood anywhere else. The doc said the arms and hands are the easiest and I think he was right. I would relax my jaw as often as I could (sometimes that felt good anyway as I used to moan and twist my neck in odd ways). Who knows why this kind of stuff feels good? I used to about fall out of my chair and really move around in my dark and cool kitchen chair. I sweat like a pig during these things. Even when you're walking around it's possible to do this to some degree. I got so I could use it in a restaurant if I could be left alone. I used to tell the waitress that I was having a petit mal seizure. They're usually used to something like that and would leave me alone. Most of the time it would help or REALLY help. I don't know why, but it worked well when out in public.....I know, it makes no sense to me either.

Sorry for the tome. I just have a hard time conveying this. It will stop a severe headache but it takes time and sweat. It doesn't take a lot of overt physical strength...I'm not that pumped up in any case.

If your try this enough times, it will work. Once it does, believe me, you'll always want to use it and it will likely become easier. Still there will be times when it will not work. This is the difference from Boji stones or other crank ideas. It can work but not 100%. It was helpful about 75% for me, I think.


I hope and hope you get this. I got a great email the other day from someone who did get it. I send this to people in the guest book, and now and then, it helps or really works. This guy fought off three attacks in one evening. That's damned good.

I hope you have that kind of luck. I didn't tell you this for my own benefit, but I wanted you to know that it's possible.

Charlie Strand

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