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Posted by Mike (B) ( on July 07, 2001 at 17:56:03:

In Reply to: pain help posted by norma on July 07, 2001 at 16:17:40:

Hi Norma,

Sorry to hear that you have been DX'd with CH's.
I too have them as well as many on this board (Having a fair one right now matter of fact. Woke me up as usual but soo happy it's a relatively mild one. Dave if your are reading it's about a kip-3 or so. Yes, I can read :)).

I just found this site recently and asked for such help as you did. Here are some quick suggestions that I remember (Kind of groggy, just woke up from a little nap. It was wonderful to sleep for a little). I'll do my best. Anyway here goes:

Non-drug help that has been suggested to me:

1) Breathing: It has been suggested that you breathe deeply (Like you might if you were running or something I guess). This brings more oxygen into your system and that should help. Oxygen does seem to help many. I had a bottle of it ten years ago when I was first DX'd with CH and it did help.

2) Excersize: It has been suggested that you try and perform some kind of strenuous excersize as soon as you feel it (CH) coming on. This is supposed to do a few things: First, it promotes deep breathing thus more oxygen to the system. Secondly, it takes your blood and moves it around. Sending it away from your head to your extremeties and such. (Believe it or not even though this sounds painful, this has helped me a little too. I tried it.) BTW, please look down the board at a particular post that was really inspirational to me. I do not like taking pills or other drugs so this really made me feel hopeful.
It was posted by 'Lynn Davidson' today in response to a post by Sim called 'Cluster Cure'. The post I am referring to is called:
'exercise for me too. here's my story'
You'll see it if you just look down the board...

3) Biofeedback: It has been suggested that you try to visualize your blood going towards your hands or other extremities. You keep this up for about five minutes (Until your hands feel warm and tingly) This is supposed to help by reducing the amount of blood pressure in your head.

(Thanks for the email guys)

Here's one of my own: Just keep hangin in there because IT WILL GO AWAY. Remember that, even the worst ones will eventually go away. Keep heart. And talk to people about it here on this site. They can be very supportive and that helps me more than anything.

As far as drug help. I do not have any good ones. Cannot afford them right now. Don't like pills and stuff anyway. (Thinking back, I used to take Toradol and my X would give me fiurinals (sp?). Many here can tell you which drugs are helpful and which are not. They have learned about them the hard way. Please ask them (Please guys tell her) so that when you go to the doc you will have something specific to ask for. Arming yourself with knowledge can save you A LOT of money and wasted time. Most Doctors do not seem to understand CH very well.

Click the links on the left side of the site. There is a lot of very good info there.

Ok, I tried. I hope everyone else will help you out as I do not know very much about it (CH) Other than what I have experienced with it the last ten years. Except that it can suck real real bad. I wish you luck and success dealing with it.

Welcome to the CH club. Sorry you have them. Please try not to go crazy. You can do it! (Deal with it).
If you feel that you cannot. Please feel free to email me or talk to others on the board. Don't be afraid to post here. These people are great! They have helped me more than they will ever know by just talking to me about it. Post away. It's free!

Hang in there and good luck

Michael B

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