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Posted by Katherine ( on July 25, 2001 at 14:30:45:

Hi Guys. Trip asked that I condense (you will be glad I did, it's long) excerpts from my headache diary and post it on the site in regards to the solution that you have helped pioneer. I will answer any questions you ask. -Katherine

Symptoms: 32 year old Female episodic CH sufferer. Diagnosed at 29, suffering since age of 27. Usually I get 6 months headache free and then 12 weeks of headaches. On June 14th at fight practice I received a face thrust to my helmet that succeeded in knocking me silly. My chiropractor was irritated when he fixed my neck the next day, it was completely out of alignment. On the date of the injury I was still about 2 months until my next cluster period.

First noticeable CH: June 17th, Father's Day at 3:30 PM. I had another one at 7:30. The headaches settled fairly quickly into a 3:30, 7:30 and 9:30 PM routine. Treated by a neurologist with a 6 day taper of Prednizone, Zomig 2.5 (until it started giving me chest pains) and 80mg of Verapamil 3 times a day. On 6/28 prescribed oxygen, it makes the headaches only last 15 minutes rather than 45.

During the week of 7/8 Headaches start increasing in frequency. I start getting a 7:30 am, an 11:30 am, the 3:30, a new 6:30, the 7:30 and the 9:30. Also, I usually get some kind of stab or brief shadow headache at 5 minutes after the hour in the hour I am scheduled to get a headache. My usual cycle is 12 weeks, I have now been having headaches for only 3 weeks. I am not certain how I am going to make it though 12 weeks of a 6 headache a day hell. Beginning to loose perspective and hope for a normal life. Have not been able to put in an 8 hour day any day that week. My boss says he understands, but how long will he understand? Even my joy in my new relationship is dimmed because the wonderful connection that John and I share is severed when the headache starts up. Sometime this week I start waking up with a headache at 6:00 am. I call my doctor to ask for a higher dose of verapamil. The oxygen, which I only allow myself to be on for 15 minutes at a whack for fear of burning out my lungs, starts to give me uncontrollable sneezing fits.

7/10 A friend of mine tells me that he will have some 'shrooms for me on Friday, 7/13. I start detoxing from the Verapamil. Each headache sucks but I keep thinking, Saturday morning I could wake up and not be in pain.

7/13 The deal falls through. I sit at work with a headache and cry and cry and cry. 7:30 and 9:30 headaches seem particularly vicious, probably because I am completely detoxed from any medication I am on.

7/15 I am able to secure a single dose of 'shrooms. Even though it is a Sunday night and in theory I have work on Monday I take a full recreational dose at 8:00 pm. At 9:45 John turns and looks at me and says, "It's 9:45. Do you know where your headache is?" I realized that I wasn't getting a headache. I was so relieved that I started to cry. During the experience I got a few shadow headaches, but they did not panic me.

7/16 I bag work on Monday. 'Shrooms make you tired. I sleep though my 7:30. I sleep until 9:45. I have no pain. I get a couple of light shadows throughout the day, but life, as Kip says, is beautiful.

7/17 A few shadows through out the day, but essentially pain free.

7/18 Same thing. Shadows seem to be a bit more obvious.

7/19 Same thing. Shadows a little worse, but no big deal. A different friend calls me and tells me that he has some "stuff" for me. I am pleased that I can take a second dose to combat the lingering shadows.

7/20 I pick up the "stuff". It turns out to be LSD. LSD is not my first choice. I am really not interested in taking it. Get what feels like a headache at 11:30. It does not last very long.

7/21 Get a headache at 9:30 in the morning. It's a level 4. Lasts 45 minutes. Does not respond to oxygen.
Get another headache at 4:30. This one lasts 20 minutes, responds a little bit more to the oxygen. Level 4. I start to panic. Are the headaches coming back? After consulting with John I decide to try 1/2 a tab of LSD. I dose at 8:00 PM. It seems to take a long time for me to feel anything. I am so wiped out from my day that I fall asleep at 10:45. I proceed to wake up about every 1/2 hour until 4:30 am. Word of advice: don't try to sleep on LSD. It's not a pleasant experience.

7/22 Get a bad shadow at 9:30 am. Get a headache at 4:30 PM. Lasts 15 minutes, and responds to oxygen. Very tired from staying up all night. Come to the conclusion that the 'shrooms gave me almost immediate relief but the LSD seems to have had no immediate affect on the headaches at all. Fortunately, it does not appear to have made them worse.

7/23 A completely pain free day.

7/24 A nagging shadow headache at about 8:05 am. I still have not gone back on the Verapamil. A very bad stab at 9:10 am but no actual headache.

7/25 Still headache free. Shadows very light.

Conclusion: The two hallucinogenics did "something" to me. The experience was less scary with 'shrooms and was immediately effective for me, but required a second dose. If I had had one I would have taken it. The LSD was a more scary concept for me and so produced an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety during the dosing. It was not immediately effective, it took longer for the shadows to back off, but back off they did. Too soon to tell what happens next. Will update as requested.

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