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Posted by Ike ( on July 27, 2001 at 07:53:44:

This update is from the guy that was on his "soap box" at the convention and also on this board. Eventhough my results have not been what I hoped for, I still think the treatment has merit, and I will try again.

I have now done the treatment three times. The first time I did it on a full stomach, so it doesn't count.

The next two times I did it correctly.(I think) After the second treatment(the one with my "M" friend, I was able to get relief for about 3 to 4 weeks. The second dose was two to three grams dried. My "M" friend has gotten excellent results. Better than I have gotten.

The third try was with a tad larger dose. Maybe about 5 grams dried. Three grams straight from the drying chamber and 2 grams from the freezer. I only got one full day of relief. The second day the shadows started, and the third day the headaches started. I still have shadows almost all of the time, and am getting hit with headaches two to five times a day. Sometime it is only at night, other times it is only during the day, and some time it is both.

With each treatment, I have only had enough material to do one dose with none left for a follow-up dose five days or so later. This may be the key for me. Pinky and Flash have recommended a slightly larger dose with the follow-up dose later. I will have to plan a little better to do this.

Since I have only had this condition since last December, I still don't know if I am chronic or episodic. I would guess chronic, since I started so late in my life(53) and I have had very few weeks without some type of cluster presence. I guess I am still a "newbie" to all of this.

I have ordered "cluster kits" from 3M, and will try again in a month or so after the kits bear fruit. I still want to think that it will work for me and give relief for more than three weeks. If shrooms don't do the trick, I will go the lsd route. I don't want to deal with these things, all the time, for the rest of my life.

I wish I had better news to post about this treatment. I had almost decided to say nothing until I read the post below concerning Nancy's treatment, and the request from KenH and Paco. Flash also thought it best to "fess" up. I know it is in the best interest of all who may be considering this treatment, that we who try it, post everything about it. GOOD or BAD.

I am no longer ON my "soap box". I am, however, standing right next to it. After I get better results, I will hop back on it and start giving everybody "down the country" about it.

I hope I haven't disappointed anyone.


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