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Posted by Hi Again ( on July 30, 2001 at 04:29:10:

In Reply to: Sorry posted by Nooni on July 29, 2001 at 21:07:13:

Don't appologise to us arseholes it's makes some people less tolerant. Seriously though this is the mopst tolerant place on the Internet. I've been banned from everywhere else - usually for typing fuck or confessing that my dick is only 1" long. Here they don't mind just as long as you have (or even know someone that has) CH. They might flame you, but they'll never kick you off or delete your post. Not yet anyway. Much to my amazement and wonder :)

First off I realise that some people are trying to comfort you. They are misguided. The Kip scale unfortunately is subjective. You can only calibrate it to your worst headache. I have been episodic for 15 years. What was a #10 in 1986 is only a #6 now. The fact is they can always get worse. Think of the Kip scale more like the Richter scale, as if it increases by a magnitude each time. One day you will get one that is perhaps 2x or 3x as bad as the worst your have already felt. This is normal. A couple of times at peak cycle I have had 6x 3 hour bastards in a row, with classical migraine effects running in the background. Any of them that haven't had that particular light show have yet to experience a true #10 (in my opinion). I'll get flamed for that, so I better point out that it isn't a migraine, just the same light show, and it only comes when things get really bad. The really bad pain can make you nautious, ultimately it can make you pass out. So essentially I won't kid you - it can always get worse. Now here is how to make them worse, from this you can learn what not to do without 15 years of practice:

1) Not enough (attempted) sleep.
2) Too much (attempted) sleep.
3) Irregular meals.
4) Too much to eat.
5) Anal-fuckin-gesic drugs. This is the best way to experience more pain than you can imagine in the long run.
6) Alchohol but only for some cases people.
7) Not enough fresh air and basic moving around type exercise.
8) Smoking, loud noise, strong smells.

If you avoid all of those things then you'll get off lightly. Get 7 hours sleep each night. Don't oversleep to compensate for a headache. If you wake up (in the morning) with a headache then get up, move around and eat something. Eat 5-6 small evenly space meals each day. Drink plenty of water - but not too much! Don't use aspirin, paracetomal or iboprufen under any circumstances. This takes discipline but it will minimise the pain.

Of course the other easier option is to take shrooms or LSD. I think you have the link already but here it is anyway:



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