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Posted by Henk ( on September 03, 2001 at 05:57:47:

I started the Shroom treatment with a bit of LSD, around july 20th. Redosed Shrooms after that, as my LSD source was out of the country.

This treatment has a tremmendous effect on my CH. It kind of erodes the attacks. They come far less frequent, if they come they are far less painfull and much easier to abort. Also get massive side effects ( tearing eye, running nose ) without the pain.... (judged by the side effects, they are pretty bad attacks )

Rarely the pain rises above KIP 5 and in that case the attacks are extremely short. I can sleep undisturbed most nights now, this used to be the other way around....
( man, do I have to get used to this.... Waking up in the middle of the night feeling like it's time to do a lot of work...... No headache though.... )

I redosed about every 7..10 days since I started this. Just used a "gutt feeling" to decide when it was time again.

Anyway, I didn't work from the end of may and I'm starting tomorrow, feeling good enough to do so. I might be an example of a guy who gets back his job because of "doing drugs".... :-))

A big problem with CH and medications is to determine wether a cycle has ended (chronics seem to have cycles too) or that medication works. In this case I have no doubt: the nature of the attacks changed in a way I didn't know before.

I took a somewhat larger dose once, during that trip a tree in our garden was sticking out it's tongue to me *grin*. But no stronger effect on the HA's. Though I kinda liked that trip, I'll keep the dosage low.... Afraid my body gets used to it too much.......

Another thing I noticed is that I get more attacks during the first 24 hours after tripping
but it clears up after that.

I'll carefully try to expand the time between 2 doses from now on. Might also try to lower each dose.... But as you can probably understand I'm a bit reluctant to do so, i'm afraid to end up with more HA's.

My Bottomline: taking Mushrooms made me less of a clusterhead :-)

I gave the "doing drugs" thing some thougts.....

During a dance, I act far more strangely than when on Shrooms! ( understatement) I ingest minimum amounts of the active Shroom ingredients, but my verapamil intake adds up to about 400 grams of active ingredient! Though I change somewhat during the trip, the change afterwards ( for the better! ) is *much* more pronounced!
And my conclusion is that this is a *very* good deal for me.
It's not about doing drugs, it's about medicine and side effects. And I must say that I've read about far worse side effects than seeing a tree sticking out its tongue *smile*
It's a pitty that I waited so long to give this a try.....

Wish you all the very best in coping with this horrible condition,

Flash, pinky: thanks once more for bringing this up long time ago!!!


Henk. ( will keep you posted, good or bad )

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