got a different kind of headache this week.

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Posted by maddog on November 17, 2001 at 15:21:36:

i have been a ch sufferer for a few years now and i have had tried dozens of different meds. both preventative and abortive. the last couple of years i have been taking verapamil and sansert together and that seemed to be helping alot. not 100% but alot. recently i have been going through alot more stress and i took up smoking again (not realizing that it was such a trigger) I soon after began getting the horrible and uncontrolable cluster headaches even with taking the meds. I put 2 and 2 together and realized that it was the smoking that was causing them and i quit immediatly. It has been over a week now and i am still getting them. none of the meds are working. my doc gave up on me and is sending me to another specialist. he also took me off all the meds i was taking. i requested that i atleast get an abortive med. so he gave me caffergot which used to work pretty good. but lately it hasn't been. i have been getting them anywhere from 1-3 times a day and from 30min-4hours each time. these headaches are a pain in the neck...literaly. my neck has become so sore from the CHs that it feels like it is broke at times.

now starting some time last week i had a new kind of headache that scared the hell out of me. the pain level was equivalent to that of the worst CH i have ever had. but it wasn't a CH. it sure the hell wasn't a migraine and it wasn't tention (although maybe caused by tention)

i was embarrisingly enough masterbating when it first happened. as i orgasmed it hit me hard. with each pump it slamed me in the back of my head. like a combination of getting hit with a baseball bat and a screwdriver being jammed into the back of my head. boom boom boom boom boom. the entire back of my head felt this it wasn't just on my right side like my CH. and then it stopped soon after i was done. but the pain in my head lasted for a good 10min later and then after the pain left the cramping almost broken feeling in the back of my neck lasted almost all day after that. later on that night i had sex with my wife feering that it would happen again but it didn't.

last night (acctually this moring) a few hours after being up with a CH i was hit with it again. this time i wasn't masterbating or having sex. i was however slightly aroused and that is when it hit me again. bam bam bam bam bam with each heart beat it shot through the veins and arteries in the back of my head. i have never had this happen before and it is very disturbing. has this happened to anyone here??

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