I'll try to explain but Dr. Wright simply

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Posted by Charlie ( on December 26, 2001 at 18:11:05:

In Reply to: My thoughts too hyper posted by Jasmyn on December 26, 2001 at 10:34:41:

asked me to try to envision some extra circulation running into it. It's almost all physical. It's second nature to me know and I can do this while on my keyboard. I'm not some kind of mystic practicing Zen or other fuzzy far eastern thing. I think anything that results in forcing our bodies to send blood to specific areas will have some effect. This may be why we get the occasional post about erections being beneficial. For the life of me, the idea of using this amusement area during a cluster is baffling. No doubt Jonny could though :^)...Make your own jokes; it's a rich field.

When I have an attack (I try to catch it very early if possible as if I can be alone and fight it, I can sometimes prevent it from developing at all. I never give up until it's gone, however) I like to sit in my kitchen chair, in the dark with my left arm at my side. I sat and moaned, held my head in no doubt a bizarre looking position, sweat though the thing while trying to get this technique to work. It almost always shortened the attack. Sometimes not, but most of the time it worked well and now and then it stopped them very quickly. Whatever this is, it's like feeling the interior of your arm or other extremities. Please keep at this as I sound crazier every time I try to explain it. Here is a letter from someone who used it with success:

> Charlie,
> Thanks again for providing this technique to fight CH
> pain. I thought you would like to know that last
> night I tried it and succeeded. I got a horrible
> attack again and out of desperation thinking what else
> can I try besides banging my head and screaming like a
> maniac I made a huge effort to get a grip of myself
> and do this exercise. Honestly I did not rally have
> my hopes up there that it would work. But to my
> pleasant surprise and also my fiance's the
> excruciating pain that normally would torture me for
> at least an our if not more literally disappeared in
> minutes. I kept up the concentration until I fell
> sleep. Later in the night I woke up again with a lot
> of pain. As soon as I woke up I concentrated on
> redirecting the blood flow in my body to my feet.
> Again the pain disappeared and I slept like a baby the
> rest of the night. Not only that, but I felt healthy
> and even "normal" the rest of the day.
> I just wanted to let you know that you by providing
> such helpful information (Simon's Letter etc) just out
> of the kindness of your heart has made a huge
> difference in my life. I am do not feel as helpless
> and afraid as I did before.
> I think of you as an angel that God sent to help me.
> I do not know if you are religious, but I just wanted
> to let you know that i saw the invisible and perfect
> hand of God through your kind deeds. It is said that
> God acts through kind, giving hearts and in the most
> unexpected ways. May this come back to you in good
> health and true happiness.
> Have a nice Thanksgiving!
> Karen :)

I know it's awful of me to post this, but I do it because the damned thing can work. Here is another:

RE: Some help maybe
it helped, me and the beast fought 3 times last night it helped, it helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is that I'm not alone. They got the standard circulatory feedback post and used it. I wish I knew how to expalin it better.


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