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Posted by GRAHAM ( on September 10, 1999 at 21:27:32:

In Reply to: since you asked .......... posted by gary g on September 10, 1999 at 19:25:09:

I can understand and somewhat appreciate your frank reply to my message. However, I feel I must now make the following comments:

- I'm not getting into the debate about what constitutes an alcoholic. Ive worked in a bar for ten years and I KNOW what an alcoholic looks and acts like.

- Before I knew what my headaches were, I gave up alcohol for a month. Result-more headaches than ever (i.e. every day-high frequency). Therefore, in my ignorance I saw no point in continuing to be teetotal. Now I know what I suffer from, I am re-evaluating my drinking habits. Thatís why I asked the questions.

- I wasnít being arrogant about alcohol consumption, nor was I making it out to be a clever thing to do (am not saying that you thought this of me!). The phrase 'a pint or ten' was meant to be a Ďfigure of speechí. I happen to have a sense of humour.

- I am sorry if you found my thoughts on drinking and putting up with a cluster offensive (sorry-but I got the impression that you did). However, I did make the point that if ceasing alcohol consumption would give long term benefits I would do so. We all live our own lives and do things that perhaps are unwise. If I only got a headache when I drunk alcohol in the future, I would still have the odd night out drinking with my friends. This is not a case of being weak minded or undisciplined; it is a case of not letting the demons rule my life. Isnít the major problem with cluster headaches the fact that they can so often prevent us from living a Ďrelatively normalí existence?

- What is it with alcohol. Oh yes, I forgot, drinking is it is bad news for cluster sufferers. So is the consumption of some types of food. If I had been referring to weekend binges of Chinese food, and how I put up with the pain they caused because I loved it, I donít think that I would have received the same tone of reply. After all, drinking alcohol is evil isnít it?

- The subject of alcohol consumption was just an enquiry. Isnít the purpose of this board to ask questions about all aspects of life when living with clusters? Perhaps, some people may have found my questions on alcohol out of order or inappropriate. If so, I apologise. Itís just that I like a drink at the weekends, and fact that I could well have to stop this pisses me off. But I will live with it if I have too.

- Straight after writing the message I read CARLíS post of the 09/09. I it kind of put things into perspective. However, I wrote the post after spending four hours out with my friends, in several pubs full of people drinking alcohol, all of who appeared to be having a far more enjoyable night than I was. I donít want to start a debate about how it is possible for many people to enjoy themselves without drinking alcohol. Ive gone out drinking on Friday and Saturday nights for nine years. The fact that I enjoy doing this does not make me an alcoholic. Itís just that I enjoy it, Iím a little pissed off about the situation, and these bloody headaches are stopping me from doing something that I enjoy. Damm things!



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