CARL D drummer and anyone else that pity`s............

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Posted by Linda B ( on October 14, 1999 at 12:48:52:

I have never never said I`m a good speller. I`m a very bad one and I know this. Still thought this board was about CH Not belittling other`s spelling.
CARL D I dont care who know`s I wrote you. Just get it write.
I said YOU WILL BE BACK you are addicted to the board and enjoy the self pity to much not to come back. You have said over an over "I`m leaving and I`m not coming back." Day or 2 later their you are. You try to get everyone in an up roar. Carl D posted his not going to come back. O`My god what should we do? You get what you want when you say these word`s. Every month here come`s CARL D "I`m leaving. I`m not coming back" So little Carl sit`s at his computer reading what everyone write`s to him. Your a SICK MAN YOU FREEKIN SICK. Which by the way I have told you this before. If you want help get it. If your so dam depressed their are people out there that can help you. Stop the whinning and do something about it.

drummer who sit`s on his all might thrown. Thinking people are taking his word`s as the bible. So dam 2 faced it`s not funny. drummer`s favorite quote " If your not talking about CH you should not be on the FUCKING board." So drummer my spelling is not great at all. Anyone with 1/4 of a brain know`s what I`m saying.

How can one pity someone that is alway`s going around saying poor me an never doing anything about it? How can another try to turn his word`s around only when it is convenet for him?

This boad is about CLUSTERHEADACHE`S. Not my spelling. It`s also not about me being over half blind an half the time just hitting the wrong dam key. If you want to count my spelling mistake`s go ahead.
In CARL`s word`s " Leave me alone. This is harasment."
See CARL I dont have to hide behind anyone. For I am much stronger than you. I have more thing`s to deal with than you ever will.
As for you statement CARL yes I do have Clusterheadache`s. I`m chronic over 25 year`s now.
Hmmmmmm you forgot to write what you wrote me didnt you. You also forgot who the hell sent you med`s. You ungratefull bastard.

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