Reciprocity Theorem?

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Posted by NicholasD ( on February 27, 2000 at 12:05:50:

In Reply to: could I put this...? posted by Dave on February 27, 2000 at 10:22:50:

Our lungs are a direct link to our blood stream, what we breathe goes directly into out blood, car exhaust shares many of the same chemicals as liquid manure, hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide gas for just a couple, this blood gets into our brains plus our entire bodies, when I have an CH, it is not just my head that hurts, but I feel a heavy burden on my entire body like earths gravity was jacked up a couple of notches, I do not understand what my head is doing at this time, but it definately starts swelling up, carbon monoxide is certainly a killer, start your car in a closed garage and run it for 15 minutes and you will be dead, I have gotten bad CH's from just insufficient to kill you exhaust fumes in my own garage, turn the engine off and coast in if I want to shut the door after me, carbon monoxide also causes headaches for various types in most people, it would not be my choice of sucide because I would get a severe CH well before it kills me, now for the reciprocity theorem, clean fresh O2 flowing through the same path as these fumes clears my headache and frees my body of that heavy burden, my body starts to feel lighter, gets new energy, unfortunately, it take much longer to break the headache as the swelling has to go down, could be I am way off base on this, but this is just an observation on my part, continuous exposure to fumes gets my nostrils so sore that I become very sensitive to even ordinary odors, why it first affects my right side is a complete mystery to me, my left nostrils are breathing the same fumes, but I was force to breathe fumes for an extended period of time and got a double cluster, both left and right side swelled up equally, now those are really painful, two railroad spikes entering both eyes and going back to their respective ears, I put those in the unbearable class of headaches, only had five like that, the DV shot was the only relief.

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