Not to sound like an environmental nut.

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Posted by NicholasD ( on February 27, 2000 at 12:38:25:

In Reply to: Reciprocity Theorem? posted by NicholasD on February 27, 2000 at 12:05:50:

But I don't discuss fumes with my neuro, I am just there for treatment, and that's all they want to hear about or do and do not want to get involved with environmental issues, ironically the city of Madison has a very strong environmental group even to the point of preventing the UW from opening a small diary farm in the city, they keep quiet about the automobile as I guess they do not want to walk. Historically since the 60's, the DNR had a very stong rule on sewage holding tanks, millions of homes are out in the country, but the rule was back then, even in the early 90's that the holding tanks could be emptied and spread openly on a field as long as it was 250' from the nearest home, that was changed, now meters are installed on private wells and checks are made that the sewage is moved to a processing plant, open field spreading is no longer allowed, when this rule passed, and I was for it 100%, both the frequency and intensity of my CH's dropped drastically, could be coincidence, also recall a bit on 60 Minutes with huge chicken farms, down south somewhere, think in the Carolina's, never said what kind of headaches the neighbors were getting, but they were all getting headaches from the manure odor, just pointing this out as an observation as this may be the cause for other CH sufferers. Ironically, any auto repair manual puts in a very strong warning that a leak in the exhaust system in your car and introduce deadly CO into your vehicle, but they never say anything about the exhaust pipe in the car directly in front of you that is pouring in exhaust in your front mounted "fresh air intake", in the case of Chicago, you not only have the car in front of you, but behind you, on both sides, and with the over and under passes, both above and below you, you are limited to so many grams of HC and CO emissions with each car, but they never say what happens when you have tens of thousands of cars completely surrounding you. I am also a propoent for the hydrogen fueled vehicle, research was being done on this in the 70's but killed by the oil companies as being unsafe, remember the Hindenberg they would say, well the the hydrogen would not be stored in a bag made from cow guts and even at that, most of the people survived that disaster, only one or two were actually burnt, the ones that did die were mostly due to panic, can't say that about the hundreds that died a slow painful death in the current airline accidents, but that is okay because they are using oil company supplied fuel, hydrogen powered cars would only emit pure distilled water as the emission component.

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