Do I understand the Kip scale?

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Posted by Dave ( on March 12, 2000 at 13:17:35:

Please know ahead of time before you read any further,
this is not intended as a judgement on ANYONES view
or level of pain during a CH attack..okay? : )
Just an opinion:
I tend to take the Kip scale at face value.
I think there is a tremendous difference between
an 8 and a 9, or any such step up in the scale.
I can understand a 8+ or a "between 5-6" expression
of a pain level, but can't think there could possibly
be a 10+
What I mean, is I don't think a level 8 is 2 times as
bad as a level 4. It is extremely worse (like on the Richter scale)!
I just wonder how we all view this scale. I can't think
of a better one myself.
I guess I just post this because I worry about us taking it too lighty. Which I don't think we can afford
to get in the habit of. Everything we try to accomplish
in trying to examine triggers, causes and cures is in
need of us posting accurate levels of pain under certain circumstances.
I plead with you not to take this as any disrespect or
disbelief of anothers pain level...please!
I'm really just thinking out loud,and wondering how
others feel about this. Do we all see the scale the same way? It just seems so important that we all need
at least one common ground established. Being that we
all react different to different drugs and treatments,
all I'm thinking is that we could use this scale as a second step in building from the ground up specifics
of CH. (The first being symptons).
I have been wary of posting this question, in fear it
might be taken in the wrong manner, but then also thought that others may feel the same.
Maybe, it's my own problem? When I see someone post
while in a 8 to 10...I can't help but wonder how?
Personally if I were at 7, if I could post, it would
take forever, since I'd forget what I was doing mid-sentence. Like I said, this is my own interpretation,
and IS NOT a judgement of others.
So, I guess my question is:
Do we all see the scale close enough in the same light,
that we can use each others postings as a basis of
our research?
Wonderin' out loud : )

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