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Posted by Tracy ( on May 23, 2000 at 09:51:17:

My gp refuses to write my referral letter to see Prof. Goadsby until I meet with him "to discuss this whole situation".

I know him of old and, going on what I've been told by Dr. Matharu, he's as angry as hell that I went over his head for help. So I will either be ripped into and told I won't be getting help or he'll strike me (and ultimately Trev and Beth) off. I KNOW that the 'won't write a letter until I meet with him' is just to get me to see him. His secretary told me that its unlikely I'll get referred now anyway as they don't make those sorts of referrals anymore. The most I could hope for is a referral to a local hospital, and she didn't sound like I'd get that either.

I want to wait to see him until after Thursday as Beth's due her meningitis jab and I want her to have it before the excrement hits the ventilating system.

Where I'm not sure what to do is, do I e-mail Prof. Goadsby and Dr. matharu and explain what's happened (that basically my gp lied to them when he said that he would write the letter - though I naturally wouldn't put it quite that baldly). Or do I wait and not say anything until I see him?

I've bounced this around for a fortnight now. I still don't know what to do. BTW, for anyone who might be thinking "hey her doc could be about to say he'll help her and he's sorry he didn't realise he'd made a mistake" AIN'T going to happen! He NEVER makes a mistake! It's always everyone else's fault. I've been left in no doubt that he's deeply displeased with me about all this. The sympathetic (and, more improtantly, the apologetic) way his secretary spoke to me and was very worried when I refused to make an appointment to see him straight away coz me and Beth were both ill, signifies to me that the meeting will not be a friendly one.

So what should I do? Any advice?

Thanks guys.

Take care and God bless,


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