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Posted by Bob H ( on June 21, 2000 at 12:21:40:

I have recently seen many postings lately by certain individuals who seem to be very opinionated about other people's ability to work and their need for disability compensation in one form or another. I am amazed that in a forum such as this that there is so much animosity towards others who come here for support, not to be bashed and belittled.
To draw an opinion about someone elses condition based solely upon reading a posting and YOUR own experience is ludicrous and outright ignorant. Yes, there are MANY people out in our society who would much rather take the easy way out than work, but to criticize people about things which you have no clue about is just plain mean-spirited. Instead of putting down others, which by the way is the sign of an insecure person, perhaps these individuals should spend some time and money with a therapist to resolve their own feelings of inadequacy and how to deal with it more constructively.
By no choice of my own, I too, one of the inferior beings, have been forced to apply for SS Disability benefits due to my suffering with Clusters. Having suffered for about the past 12 years my condition has continued to worsen with each cycle and I have reached the point where I am a chronic sufferer to the point where I am no longer ABLE to work. Notice the word ABLE.
Before suffering from Clusters and for many years while suffering, I have always had an extremely strong work history. I have always (except for my military service) had very good-paying jobs that offered the opportunity for ALOT of overtime which I ALWAYS worked. I cannot recall a time, prior to the last year, in which I worked less than 60 hours a week. I would REGULARLY work 70 - 80 hours a week and on MANY occasions have worked in excess of 100 hours in one week. Work, real work, has never scared me and I have always prided myself on both the quality and the quantity of the work I performed. Even at 50% health, I have always been able to outwork 99% of my co-workers.
My wife has never had to get a job to help support the family, I would not allow this. My children have never been left with sitters or dropped at daycare so taht my wife could get a job. I have never had any problems with living up to my responsibilities even when dealing with the terrible pain from the Cluster attacks. Unfortunately, and totally beyond my control, my condition has worsened over the last year to the point that I am UNABLE, not UNWILLING to work.
Fortunately my wife returned to school 4 years ago, when my condition started to really get worse, and graduated last month and will hopefully get a teaching position this fall(she says God planned it out perfectly). This doesn't help the fact that I have been out of work since Oct. of last year, but it is a thin silver lining on the cloud which has consumed my life a little more with each passing year.
I anticipate a response (DENIAL) from SS any day now and will most likely have to file possibily several appeals before getting approved (hopefully). According to the SS projections which I have received, I would be entitled to about $1400/month and my 2 sons would both receive almost $400/month each until they reach age 18. I will HAPPILY accept this money if I ever do get it because at the age of 38 I have already worked more hours than your average retiree. I busted my butt since I was sixteen and have paid in ALOT of money to the system. As a matter of fact we used to have a little celebration when I would reach the SS contribution max each year because it would mean at least an extra $100 - $200 a week in our pockets. Believe me, I have paid in a great deal more than an average worker and would have no problem with recovering some of it.
I would much rather be leaving the house each morning and heading off to work a happy and healthy man than to be in my current situation. I would rather work 80 hours a week, every week, than to have to see the look in my son's face as he sees his father as a shell of what he once was. I would really rather be dead than to live like this but to take my own life would send me to hell FOREVER. Now I'm just in hell for the rest of my natural life.
In the future please stop and think about how your opininions and comments are going to effect those who are already suffering before you spit out your venom. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and appear stupid, than to open your mouth (keyboard) and remove all doubt. The use of vulgarity is also quite a good indicator of what type of people need to put down others. After all, profanity is the effort of a feeble mind trying to express itself forcibily.
P.S. - I am also a Disabled Veteran and receive a monthly retirement already. I guess that this must make me even more weaker than all of you critics out there.
Be nice, people come here for support!!!!!

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