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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on September 07, 2000 at 00:43:36:

In Reply to: Your response posted by VD on September 06, 2000 at 06:39:19:

"I have migranes, Clusters, Tensions, Headaches headaches fucking headaches. I have migranes as bad as clusters that last two fucking days, And I tell you I rather have a fifteen minute cluster anyday over that. "

If you are still getting all these headaches, presumably your lifestyle changes aren't enough to eliminate the pain. I think that is the case with the rest of us, too.

While some of us choose to bear the pain rather than ameliorate it with medication,as you apparently have chosen to do, most of us choose to go with whatever works. I admire your tenacity in sticking to your own beliefs, even though those beliefs don't seem to be helping you personally.

I am a self-professed wimp. I must have effective medication or I can't function.

I am fortunate in that Imitrex works for me every time, even though it is bankrupting me (no insurance). I am unfortunate in that so far I have not found an effective preventative, although I have great hopes for psilocybin.

"I have not done my homework??? Why do you say that? Because I didn't read your precious webpage? I don't need YOUR webpage for information, there are thousands out there."

I concede that you may in fact have done as much research into this as I have... it was incorrect of me to assume that just because you had not checked out the various links on this site you had not found the same information elsewhere. I apologize.

"Another person who don't know a chemical from a amino acid. Where do you get chemicals from smart guy? Your diet. What are chemicals? Well your made up of alot of em just to let you know."

You are quite correct that ultimately we are nothing but chemicals, as is our food. You don't seem to have an objection to supplementing diet with magnesium or vitamins, unless I misunderstood you. It seems that your objection is to ingesting chemicals not found in nature, i.e. Verapamil, Lithium, Depakote, Imitrex, Topamax, etc.

Fair enough. I know there are others posting here who hold the same view. I, too, would prefer not to do so. That is one reason why the psilocybin therapy is attractive to me... psilocybin is a naturally-occurring compound, although admittedly not one required in a normal diet.

"Have you ever heard of a vitamin? Do you know what they are for? To protect your cells from free radicals like OXYGEN!!!!!!"

I agree with you that inhaling pure oxygen is not without harmful side effects. Certainly inhaling pure oxygen for extended periods of time does damage to the body. I don't think anyone disputes that. The general consensus seems to be that the damage done by the oxygen is less than that of most other abortives. The lesser of all other evils, so to speak.

"If your brain chemistry is out of whack, then it is possible you are not getting the things in your DIET that your body needs. You are what you eat, you want to be hamburger then just eat hamburger everyday sister."

Possible and probable are not the same thing.

"Some people have over excitable nerve cells in thier brains which a diffeciency of magnisium would aggrivate since magnisium is involved in all nervous system functions. "

You concede that some people have nerve cells that differ from other people's, i.e. a PHYSIOLOGICAL difference. They were born that way. That's what I'm saying, too... clusterheads have brains that are physiologically different from other people's brains.

"You sure you know what your talking about????? "



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