Lucky CH sufferer?

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Posted by Ryan ( on September 24, 2000 at 02:23:07:

Hi there folks. I think I might be the lucky one is such exists. After almost two weeks of bad, bad, pain I finally broke down and went to and urgent care clinic today. The doc took less than five minutes to classify me as a CH sufferer. I exhibit most of the classic signs(I have learned in last two hours)...periobital pain...sudden onset and disipation...disabling pain. I have only had two that have woken me up and I was able to return to sleep after gulping water, my cure for anything wrong. It seems from what all the rest of you have written that misdiganosis is usually not to say CH is CH rather than that something else is CH but I want to be sure. I have started the Corticalsteriod Prednisone as well as a course of Antibiotic Tuquin, and the acetamenophin/caffine/barbituate painkiller/sedative. so far I have not had a second attack this evening but since I ususally get them in the afternoon tommorw will tell the tale. I just took a job as a sixth grade math and science teacher and am very concerned about revealing my condition to others. Therefore I would be interested in opinions on the least obvious/most effective abortive treatment.
I believe I am an eposodic beacause I recall expeirienceing horrid short term headaches for about a month several years ago. My heart goes out to all you cronics out thoughts and prayerfull energies are going your way!
I have several final questions in this rather long post. First, I recently, four weeks ago, made a rather drastic change in my chemical intakes...I can't really say more in this forum and wonder if it might have something to do with the trigger mechanism. Second, since seratonin seems to have something to do with this beast, has anyone heard anything about St. Johns Wart as a prohphylactic? I think it operates on seratonin or some similar neurotransmitter?
Thank you all so much for just being there and helping to make me sure I am not mesugenah/nuts/a few amps short of a standard household load.
this is all so new to me and I would appreiciate and help with Docs in the Carolinas who might be doing research or at least know what the hell they are talking about.
Shade Sweet Water and Painlessness to You All

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