Results of candida test to date: 5 Positive - 6 Negative

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Posted by Flash ( on October 17, 2000 at 07:52:36:

Unless lots of people have tested negative and not bothered to let us know then those results are pretty shocking. Thats around 45% - way to high. I think we are onto something here.

Interesting to note that Melissa tested positive at the third attempt. The question is whether she tests positive on a regular basis. I guess a lot depends on how long a persons been infected for.

If you haven't done the spit test, then please do. For one thing a larger crosssection of results are require. And if you test positive then you have a very nasty problem, that is best treated early.

To do the spit test:

1) Do it first thing when you wake up. Don't do anything else prior to the test. Especially do not eat, drink, brush your teeth, have oral sex, take medicine...

2) Fill a clear glass with cold water.

3) Gather up some saliva and spit it into the glass.

4) Leave it for at least 60 secs.

If the saliva:

Spreads accross the surface of the water.
Turns a grey, or dirty white colour.
Grows tendtils down to the bottom of the glass.
Slowly sinks to the bottom of the glass.
Breaks up into pieces.

Then a significant quantity of yeast is present uin your saliva, therefore you probably have a chronic candida infection.

What your saliva should do is flot on top of the water in a nice little clear blob.

If you want to see what it should look like, then ask your partner to do the test as well.

Chrnoic Candida Infection has been implicated in many mysterious complaints. It is usually cause by prolonged or frequent use of the antibiotic family Tetracycline, and related antibiotics. Please note that this is not via the food chain (the quantities aren't siginificant enough in food that's been treated), but rather via a doctors prescription.

These antibiotics are commonly prescribed for:

Infections of the ear, nose and throat.

The antibiotivcs have the effect of killing all the good bacteria in your intestines, paving the way for candida fungus to take over and proliferate along sections of the lower intestinal tract. This condition will slowly get worse over time, unless treated by a combination of antifungal prescription drugs AND a special diet. The treatment takes from 3-12 months.

It is common for sufferers to have been infected for many years, before they are overwhelmed by the symptoms. This infection may ultimately prove fatal if left untreated.

Symptoms appear gradually, and slowly worsen over time. Many sufferers do not realise how ill they are becoming grew to the gradual onset of the symptoms. Symptoms are often put it down to old age, or niggling problems.

Common symptoms are (and these can appear at any time):

Yeast infections of the skin.
Atletes Foot
ME and CFS
Degeneration of Vision.
Degeneration of Hearing.
Frequent Infections (ear, nose, throat, unrine)
Suppressed Imune System

Not all the symptoms are caused directly by the yeast. The yeast punches holes in the intestinal wall, and escapes into the bloodstream. Food particles also eneter the bloodstream through these holes (leaky gut). The body mistakes these invaders for other things, such as chemical messangers and hormones. The immune system spends high resourcs attacking the debris.

I am not suggesting that candida has caused every instance of CH. However if the results of this survey so far are anything to go by, then far too many CH sufferers are infected for it to be coincidental.

The test takes 90secs. Do yourself a favour!


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