Psilocybin Mushrooms score another knockout!

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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on December 07, 2000 at 03:01:55:

I have received many private e-mails from clusterheads who have chosen not to post to a public forum regarding their experiments with psilocybin mushroom therapy. Many of them are looking for assistance obtaining spores and supplies to grow their own.

I recently received a very gratifying e-mail. I asked if it was okay for me to quote parts of it on the board and was told to go ahead.


"Just want to update you on my shroom therapy. I had absolutely no trouble growing the shrooms following the PF Tek. I was getting 6 to 9 cluster attacks a night and the oxygen was knocking out most of them. I was getting so sleep deprived that I was starting to get attacks in the daytime. Finally, when the first shroom appeared, I picked it and made a tea. It weighed 2.5 grams fresh. I had 3 attacks that night and the oxygen did not touch them. I figured I under dosed and would have to wait a week before taking more. But then I had only 1 attack on each of the next 2 nights then shadows for a few more nights. I have now been completely pain free for almost 2 weeks! I had the oxygen tanks removed today because I sure this round is finally over. And I have a very good emergency supply in the freezer and more still growing.

Thanks again for all your help and remember, if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know."

Some notes: this was a first-time grower, and for that matter, a first time user of any kind of "drug". It is also a VERY low dose... the lowest I have seen mentioned here so far. I asked a question about side-effects, which was answered in the e-mail I received today...

"When I made the tea with the 1 shroom I added some honey because it was supposed to taste bad. Well, all I tasted was the honey, I didn't get any buzz or cramps or gas or anything."

The rest of the questions I asked were related to the cultivation process itself, the length of time from start of the procedure until the first mushroom was picked (about thirty-two days), the yield of the crop, etc. While these are areas of particular interest to me (since I have my own project underway at the moment) they are not necessarily of general interest, so I have not included the replies. I can do so, if anyone else wants more info.

I'm not sure how many clusterheads this adds up to now who have reported success on this forum... certainly over a dozen. There are a couple more I know of who would prefer that I not even quote them anonymously, as well as at least one ex-clusterhead I met at one of the mushroom cultivation boards.

I would really like to hear the opposite side of the coin, though. If there are any out there who have tried this therapy and had it fail, that, too is valuable information. Speak up!

August, I know that you had only very limited, short-term success with your first try. Did you ever get around to trying it again? Carl D... I seem to recall that you were once looking to give it a try... did you ever get around to it? Did it work?


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