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Posted by Chuck C. ( on January 17, 2001 at 22:07:56:

In Reply to: Great news! Details? posted by pinksharkmark on January 17, 2001 at 20:54:06:

I live in South Georgia and it seems as though around here, 'shroomin' was a rite of passage. At least in the seventies, it was. I'm not an advocate of drug abuse, I've seen first hand what addiction can do in my own life. I never had a CHA until I tried to sober up. My 1st neuro said it was because of the abuse I inflicted on my body all those years. I've known other CHA sufferers who never took an illicit drug in their life. You people don't know (or perhaps you DO know) what a Godsend this site is. 10yrs ago, after battling this problem for 13 years, I first heard the term "Cluster Headache". I work in an office of 52 people and they look at me like I'm from another planet. "Just take a Tylenol" they tell me. "Yeah, right, and the next time you sever your carotid artery, I'll fetch you one of those Scooby-Doo bandaids." Anyway, before I get completely off on a tangent, I never even heard of psylocibin therapy but if it works, I'm taking a trip to the local cow pasture to engage in a little deja vu. Perhaps I can relive my teen years in the process... but seriously, I wouldn't advocate drug abuse, but I wouldn't completely ignore a possible means of relief, either. SIde effects include euphoria, auditory & visual hallucinations, inability to sleep, a heightened sensitivity to light & sound (or at least that's how I perceive it... the eyes dilate, the heart speeds up, the pulse weakens, and when it's over, ya' feel like you've been away for a long long time, hence the term "Trip". I'm all for alternative therapy. Western Medicine is such that if they can't poison the problem out of you or cut it out, either it's incurable, or only imagined. How much different is shroom therapy? Just another poison to try to provide relief. But if it works, then by golly it works. Maybe that's why God put them here. We are a desparate bunch, and rightly so. It's no riskier than taking 4 blasts of Imitrex up the nostril, when you're only supposed to take 1 and wait 2 hours before you take another, and then wait 24 hrs. Understand that this is just opinion, based solely on personal experience. It's easy for the neuro to say, "don't do that" but he or she isn't the one climbing the walls, or waking the spouse with the dancing. It's not them with the little creatures stretching their optic nerves and playing them like a banjo. Plus, alternative therapy is a threat to their existence. My wife is in the medical profession and all of her colleagues "Pooh-pooh" the notion that they are not the center of our existence. My family MD, after 4 visits, finally admitted he knew less about my condition than I did, so he gave me the referral to my current neurologist that my insurance company demanded I have. What a bunch of crap! If my town had a medicine man, I'd have gone to see him first.

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