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Posted by DaveH ( on August 26, 2001 at 22:19:14:

Some of you have come to know Dave in a personal manner and understand what I am about. Some of you have come to know me from the board or chat. Well let me clear things up very fast and easy for everyone.

I am here for OUCH and ME. I am not here to play with all the little children that want to backstab each other and fight. I am here to help move OUCH out into the mainstream any way I can. I WANT HELP, I WANT TO BE PAIN FREE. I suffer from migraines all year round and I have to deal with clusters as well. I am sick of dealing with both and I came here because I felt that it was a group going somewhere.

At this point I may upset some and outrage others and I do not care. If you want to attack me for doing all I can to make OUCH better my e-mail is posted come play. If your not willing to play then SHUT UP AND LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE TAIL!

I am out asking questions, I talk to people, I look for ways to get us heard and I post them as I can. I understand that all ideas are not good ones but do not put an idea down unless you have a better one or can prove that the idea will not work. If you can't contibute then SHUT UP and keep it to yourself.

I'm not here to talk about the fighting and BS that goes on here any more. I'm here to post ideas that will make OUCH an org that will be heard. Ideas we can toss around and make better. How many of you can say that you have done that lately. How many of you can say that you are here to do more then just wine and cry.

I am asking you now to PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

OUCH UK is moving forward because they saw a potential of resoruses(SP?) that they could use in the migraine community and they used it. They used a larger voice to be heard. They are using a lager group that has the contacts and information to get heard. ARE WE?

Are we doing anything like that or are we so bullheaded that we can't see past our own noses to see that there is help there waiting for us to ask?

Damn it people, open your eyes and relize that sitting here complaining about the good ol boys and the new blood will never get us what we want. I let my name get thrown in the hat for VP and BOD because I want to make a diffrence. I want to see OUCH grow and help me become PF.

I'm asking each of you what do you want and how bad? It is time to answer the question. Your going to put up or your need to shut the heck up!

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