palate bumps - quite common in CH - good warning sign

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Posted by gary ( on December 11, 1999 at 14:09:16:

In Reply to: A small bump in roof of mouth posted by Dave on December 11, 1999 at 11:27:47:

Dave, good detail pickup on the hard palate surface bump !

we have brought this up before, a few times, and there are always a few who say
"yeah, I get that too !"

well, YEAH ! I get that too !"
in fact it's one of my VERY reliable indicators of impending attack -

sometimes, to hold off on taking too much Rx, I let the precursors start, to see if it will be an attack or a shadow flareup -
(in my mind tho, a "shadow" is just a very mild attack)

BUT if the pea-sized spot on my palate, roof of my mouth, 1/2 way back just above the tooth roots, puffs out, it means an attack is starting & I grab the meds

from what my docs have said, and I agree-
just an area that is excessively prone to fluid collection in the soft tissue, so it will "pop out" at very low provocation/inflammation

there is also a smaller node that pops out just in front of my ear, right at the pressure point;
can't see it but very obvious when you touch the spot
I suspect it is actually a small bubble in the artery wall there - sure feels like it - but it's been there for 20 years during CH, and isn't getting worse, so not too concerned

I suspect the neck lumps are much the same
assuming when Margi says ganglion, she means the small hard lumps associated with tendon/joint inflammation, what the oldtimers around here used to call a "bunch"-
and not the neurological stucture, which is an entirely different "ganglion"

even if these things don't "mean" much to a MD, they can sure help us in "managing" our CH as guages & indicators to help regulate medication

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