A small bump in roof of mouth

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Posted by Dave ( on December 11, 1999 at 11:27:47:

I was introduced to a person who was recently diagnosed with clusters after 2 years of being treated for sinus. He was new to clusters so he was looking for someone who could give him some knowledge first hand about them. He first wanted to know the drugs that I had been on and the outcomes. As our conversation progressed we compared notes on symptoms and histories. I asked if he had ever had a head injury that resulted in a blackout, (as I had)? At first he answered no, but as we continued speaking he remembered he had been in a motorcycle accident in which he landed on his head and was knocked out. He had forgotten all about it as it occurred in his late teens and he was not hospitolized. The real interesting thing was when I asked if he had a small bump on the roof of his mouth just off center on the side he gets headaches on? I've noticed I get this bump about 2 weeks before I start a cycle and when it starts to shrink, I know that I'm at the end of the cycle. It grows larger just before a headache sets in. And continues to enlarge and become hard as the headache intensifies. As it begins to reduce and soften, the headache subsides and it returns to it's orginial size. When it disappears completely, I am out of the cycle and the headaches are gone. I've told at least 8 doctors about this(including Nuerologist, they never check it or investagate it at all. They say it is only soft tissue and unconnected, therefore is not related to the headaches.) Guess what his answer to my question was? He has the same thing. He just never really thought about it. Does anyone else have a Bump or found out what it is or it's cause? I considered removeing it myself. And would if I knew it would end my pain forever.

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