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Posted by Tracy ( on April 15, 2000 at 15:13:45:

sorry to bother you guys. But it's a really bad day today. Still something to make you smile happened. Standing in the queue a the local supermarket I get punched in the side of the head, I had an idea it was coming coz Trevor said my eyes were bloodshot and red raw and my right eye was dripping along with my nose. We tried to hurry out, but at 4:30pm on a Saturday it wasa nightmare. Anyway, we're in this queue and the same time my tries to explode I get icepicks digging in my head so bad, that my ear, eye, head, even my TEETH hurt. I've got one had over my mouth and the other digging knuckles into the pick pain. Suddenly the pick pain dwindles slightly and I look up to find about 8 people staring at me like I'm mad and Bethany and Trevor asking me if I'm alright!! I guess you had to be there, but the horrified look on those peoples faces was just so funny!!!! (LOL)

But you know, not ONE asked if everything was ok!

I don't know what makes them worse now, going by other years (this'll be my 4th) I should be cruising into downtime. Trevor thinks it's coz I'm worried about the specialist talking to my GP and trying to get him to refer me. I worried he'll strike us all off. Without a doctor I can't get my asthma meds. What about Bethany if she ever gets sick?

I don't know if worry makes CPH (or CH) worse, but I've got other (womans problems right now) which I don't suppose helps either.

Oh Lordy, reading this back - I do sound so sorry for myself. I don't mean to, but I have really had any relief this time. I havent had too bad a week until yesterday. Sure I was getting them every day, but not too bad. Yesterday morning was evil and I couldn't shift them, I didn't sleep much last night......despite taking 2 co-dydramol (the only pain meds I've got, other than paracetamol. Trevor got them from an operation he had and wouldnt take them so he could give them to me).

I took another one this morning which didn't help either.

We've just caught Bethany playing with my contact lenses in the bath! I suppose I'll have to replace them now unless anyone's got advice on how to stop them furring up?

My life SUCKS right now!

I'm sorry, I'm being miserable.......You guys don't need me bringing you down, so I'll see you later when I'm more up! :)


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