having a crap day and want to moan..............

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Posted by Tracy ( on May 05, 2000 at 09:56:35:

okay, so if you've got this far you dont mind my venting!

My mum rang me this afternoon, just as I was peaking at about a 9. She then proceeds to spend the next 10 minutes screaming at me about getting something done about this, becuase of what the worry is doing to HER!

I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone to her (with a short break in between so she could tell my dad how bad I was), being told off because I'm not punching my gp in the face and threatening all and everyone with legal action.

Apprently on telling my dad what she'd done, he told her to back off and shut up. That sreaming at me was not helping me. Her response "I told him I only doing this coz I care so much about you".

I told her not to worry, I said that I would be okay, that there are some of you here that suffer tons worse than I do. Apprently that doesnt matter, she feels she has some kind of right to go orbital at me coz she's my mother.

My pain finally subsided 1.5 hours into this tirade, enough for me to bake her cake for Sunday (we're going to my in-laws for tea and as my mum's a type 1 diabetic I make hr cakes and stuff that she can eat, she can get a bit pouty otherwise at missing out on the sweet stuff). She told me not to bother if I wasnt well, but with that tone of voice only mothers can use when they want you to know they dont really mean what they're saying!

She says she cant stand to know of me being in pain (yup this is the same mum who told me not to go out whilst I'm a ch/cph sufferer). I was sorely tempted to tell her she could hang up!

I'm sorry to lay all this on you guys, but I seriously do not have anyone else to talk to. Trevor's busy, my Mum (well, youve got the picture on that score) and as for my in-laws my father-in-law's not too bothered (thankfully, like my dad) and my mother-in-law has the same attitude to my mum only in her case I'm being unfair to Trev.

I sometimes feellike I'm walking through treacle with these people (not including Trev). But if I dont want to hear THEIR problems they treat me like im the most selfish person on the planet!

Well, I'm upt to a 4 now, so Im going to go as I have my customers work to do before I can crawl away. But I will say sorry for letting of steam like this, but thanks for listening.

Take care,


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