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Posted by VD ( on September 06, 2000 at 06:39:19:

In Reply to: if you haven't read the literature available... posted by pinksharkmark on September 04, 2000 at 14:05:42:

And I Quote you """Disorders involving brain chemistry do not respond to exercise, diet, etc. Let's use psychiatric disorders as an example. Some of these disorders can be treated using psychotherapy alone. In
fact, for some of these disorders, medication is not only useless, but can actually make things worse. Other disorders, such as schizophrenia, can ONLY be treated through medication. The
best psychotherapist on the planet is completely helpless in the face of schizophrenia. That is not an opinion, that is a fact. Schizophrenics are schizoid because, through no fault of their own,
their brain chemistry is out of whack. Clusterheads get cluster headaches because, through no fault of their own, their brain chemistry is out of whack."""

At first you say you know the about the link between serum magnisium and headache pain. Then you say disorders of brain chemistry do not respond to DIET. Do you know what magnisium is? Magnisium is a MINERAL that
comes mainly in your diet from the hulls of wheat or other grains. MOst americans are difficient in magnisium because of all the processing involved in todays food. Some people have over excitable nerve cells in thier
brains which a diffeciency of magnisium would aggrivate since magnisium is involved in all nervous system functions. Hence headaches from magnisium deficiency.
If your brain chemistry is out of whack, then it is possible you are not getting the things in your DIET that your body needs. You are what you eat, you want to be hamburger then just eat hamburger everyday sister.

" as does inhaling oxygen"
Have you ever heard of a vitamin? Do you know what they are for? To protect your cells from free radicals like OXYGEN!!!!!!

"""abstaining from msg and alcohol, taking magnesium suplements, etc., changing your lifestyle will not prevent the headaches from coming in the first place. Lifestyle changes will not repair the faulty mechanism in
your brain that lets the proper mix of brain chemicals get out of balance periodically.""
Now how the hell do you know this???? How can you know this when god0-damn doctor suggests you get a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

"""ONLY way to currently stop the headaches from coming is chemically.""
Another person who don't know a chemical from a amino acid. Where do you get chemicals from smart guy? Your diet. What are chemicals? Well your made up of alot of em just to let you know.
If chemicals as you say, can take away a headache, who's to say if you get this "chemical" from your diet everyday your headaches will go away completely?

"Why? Because there is something FUNDAMENTALLY and
IRREPARABLY wrong with the physiological mechanism that regulates our brain chemistry. Even the best medications can do no more then RESET that mechanism for a while. Sooner or
later, it will get out of whack again, and have to be reset again."
You sure you know what your talking about?????

""As for the personal attacks on you, VD.""
Well in this board I'm used to it. There are alot of understandalby angry people here, but I won't just sit back and take it either.

"". well... people who have invested a whole lot of time, money, and pain in finding out the best way to handle this horrible disease tend to get a little hot
under the collar when told by someone (especially when that someone admits not having done any homework) that their own tried and tested solutions are incorrect."""
I have not done my homework??? Why do you say that? Because I didn't read your precious webpage? I don't need YOUR webpage for information, there are thousands out there.
What you people need to do is learn to take a new idea and see what it holds. You just might be suprised.

""I can tell you from personal experience that badly infected third - degree burns rival and perhaps surpass CH pain. From the descriptions of many medieval (and modern, for that matter)
tortures I have read, I can easily envision pain worse than a Kip 10. Being skinned alive, or having a blowtorch caress certain sensitive body areas can't be a walk in the park either.""
Yeah or like removing a badly swollen peritonsilar abcess with no anethisia TWICE in 2 fucking days. Getting run over. I have migranes, Clusters, Tensions, Headaches headaches fucking
headaches. I have migranes as bad as clusters that last two fucking days, And I tell you I rather have a fifteen minute cluster anyday over that. But then thats my panty assed opinion
maybe I just get "Minor" clusters compared to you guys, but from what I see here I don't think so. I don't dance, I think thats just fuckin silly, the only time pain made me dance was
when I had the abcess, But that don't make my pain any less, and I don't think thats the worse pain to feel, Because I'm still alive. "what dosen't kill you only makes you stronger"

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