The ER turned us away!!!

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Posted by schwiggs ( on February 05, 2001 at 16:43:43:

OK you all are not going to believe this one!!

My husband had finally had enough after his 4th 8+ and his cycle lasting longer than ever. (12th day usually only 10). At 9:25pm Sunday night I took him to the local Emergency Room, with my 4-year old disabled son in tow. I dropped him at door and parked, then ran in. He was incredible pain, could not hardly walk, eye was squinted shut and so he stooped and propped himself against wall, all the while holding his head rolling around. I came in and the security guard got the Triage Nurse to speak with me. She said he would have to sit on bench and wait his turn. About 15 people were in front of us to be seen. I said "Excuse me". Look at him, he is in obvious pain, none of these other people are showing signs of immediate, massive pain. She said, m'am they are all in pain that is why they are here. I said excuse me but there is a big differnce between his pain and their discomfort. Not to be rude to the others but most looked as if they had the flu or something, no serious injuries or anything crtical. I asked her what was I supposed to do call 911 to be seen. She said if you want to, go ahead. All this time, he was rolling around in pain, nurses were walking by and NO ONE even asked him anything. No, what are your symptoms, are you ok? Nothing!!!! How do they know he wasn't having a stroke? I was so mad I was shaking and crying.

We left,came home, and he wouldn't let me call 911. He said it was going away, but while I was getting advice from family on the phone, he begins pacing kitchen holding head. I ask the usual and determine the headache is coming back. I eventually got him to agree to go somewhere else and we drove 15 minutes to another hospital. They had no one waiting and we got right in, of course by the time we were in room, the beast had left.

The doctor was great, knew a little about clusters and gave Rx for Imitrex injections. While waiting to check out, the beast returned and they injected him while there. It was gone in 5 minutes. Thank God!!

He's had one more and we injected with results after 4 minutes. Unfortunately, we are maxed on the dose today and he must ride out the rest until 1am when we can start more.

I just had to share with you the stupidity of some of the medical professionals. I learned that from now on I will be more panicky, saying he can't walk and has massive head pain. However, hopefully we will never go back to ER. I hope none of you ever have to go through that and a tip if ever visting Kansas...DO NOT go to Olathe Medical Center Emergency Room. Instead make the trip to Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

I pray that someday the light will shine on this affliction and the medical world will acknowledge it for what it is, the worst pain known to man!!

P.S. Since we are new to Imitrex I have lots of q's. Anyone evr taken the max dose (12mg) for multiple days in row? what are side effects of that? Any suggestions for the other heaadcahes we can't treat due to max. already given?

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