Okay kids. Put on yer thinkin' caps. You cannot cross-dress CH with TN.

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Posted by Carl D ( on March 09, 2001 at 10:04:44:

For one thing, the shoes don't match the belts. And those pastel colors... What were you thinking?

You see, I have been studying up on headaches and various head pain disorders for almost 9 years now. It is true that CH and its symptoms vary from individual to individual. That is the reason some people are misdiagnosed for years with different head ailments. You see, when they do MRIs and CT Scans on people with CH, nothing shows up. All a good doctor has to know is the essentials of CH, and based on some questioning and negative test results, they can determine if thier patient has CH or not.

However, Trigeminal Neuralgia is very distinct in its symptoms. It can also be detected by an MRI or an MRA. With TN, it is usually the case that two nerves are touching, thus creating the pain. When the nerves connect, it is like crossing jumper cables on a battery.
This is not the case with CH. As to date, no concrete cause can be found. Until a cause can be found, finding a cure, I am afraid, is like shooting ducks while blindfolded and intoxicated.
I have a friend whose mother suffers from TN. We have sat and talked at great length about our conditions to one another. In many respects, her pain sounds alot like mine, and mine ringed true to her as well. I did learn many differences though. TN is operable. She had a procedure in which they wrapped one of the nerves with a thin layer of skin. This held up for almost two years, and she was pain free for that period of time. Then the tissue wore thin, and the nerves began touching.

Her attacks may have reflected CH in pain, but are far from CH in thier mannerisms. Her attacks can be triggered simply by the wind blowing on her cheek, touching her face, or taking a shower. The pain can last for hours or days straight. She too has been very despondent over her pain and what it has done to her family and life. In all of our talks, while I learned that we could relate to one another painwise, we both have very different conditions. After learning of TN and the possibility it could be linked to CH, I did some research. What I did find is that my CH may be coupled with a similar condition to CH called CPH; Chronic Paloxysmos Hemicrania. I also have TMJ, which affects the CH. Basically, from the neck up - I am shot. If I take something to help the TMJ, it surely will do nothing for my CH. If I take something for my CH, it will do nothing for the TMJ.

The point I am making is this: TN and CH are two totally different headpains, and treatment for TN will do nothing for CH, and vice versa.

Call me rebellious and stupid, and you shall not be the first. But I am slightly intelligent enough to not get a Tetanus shot for the flu. I won't take Insulin to treat cancer. I won't have my tonsils removed for a toothache. And I am certainly not getting neutered for a stuffy nose. Nor shall I try to treat my CH as I would TN.

Consider this...
Ten kids were sent to a camp and split into two teams. Camp A was given Crest to brush with daily, and Camp B was given the leading brand. At the end of the summer, Camp A had considerably fewer cavities than Camp B, but one of the girls got pregnant.
Now, do you blame the toothpaste?

Carl D


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