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Posted by Graham ( on October 02, 2000 at 19:46:28:

In Reply to: Testy, Flash, Pinksharkmark, Graham - it's shrooms! posted by annemarie on October 02, 2000 at 14:48:41:

I think that the shroom treatment needs more research to evaluate its possible benefits to chronics. I am convinced, at the moment, that it is a excellent option for episodics. I did loads of research on the the 'shroom treatment' and never found a post from any episodics who said that it didn't work.

I believe that its use for chronics is less straight forward. I dont want to go on about my experiences with the treatment because you can read them in my posts over the past two to three weeks. However, I would say that they have had a positive effect.

My point is this. From MY experience I would say that they are completely safe. The only danger is taking the wrong mushrooms, AND IT IS A DANGER COZ YOU CAN DIE! I made sure that I could identify the correct 'shrooms' without any doubt, and when I took them, I had a few friends around to monitor my reaction.

I consider myself to be a healthy living person. I dont eat fatty foods, I have not eaten chocolate or sweets for six years, I refuse anything with sugar in it and I cant remember the last time I had a packet of crisps! I exercise at least five times a week and apart from drinking the odd beer or eight a couple of times a week I would say that I am a very health concious person, not only with my body but also with my mind! So, the decision to take the shrooms was not taken lightly.

As soon as I had found the mushrooms I wanted, I had no hesitation in taking them. After well over 2000 clusters I had nothing to lose! The active ingredients are less toxic than caffine and it is impossible to get addicted to them because they are counter addictive! You also dont have to take a dose that would amount to a 'trip' and I found the experience of taking them very amusing. I had the giggles for about three hours and felt very at ease with myself.

It took me many months to pluck up the courage to do the 'shrooms'. With hindsight, the actual concern about the shrooms mind altering or addictive effects were a total waste of time. It was a very pleasant experience at the dose I needed. However,the concern about taking the wrong mushrooms was. The wrong mushroom can kill you, and even with an early mushroom poisoning diagnosis there is nothing that you, or any doctor can do to save you if you take the wrong ones.

Unless you are at ease or confident with taking them, then dont! Speak to people who have, and do lots of research on the shrooms, not only on this site, but on other 'shroom' dedicated web-sites.

I know that you didnt imply that you were going to take the 'shrooms', I just though that my advice would provide additional information for your thoughts.

Take Care,


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