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Posted by Stacey ( on February 27, 2001 at 12:03:39:

Hello everyone. I have been reading for days on this site (and others) yet have so many things I am not clear about. I know you all can help, or tell me I am not alone. Being from a small area, I was miss diagnosed for SO long and finally about a year into musical doctors I was diagnosed with CH and told a supository would do the trick. That was 12 years ago and I have never returned to the doctor.A suposititory didn't help. Let me start at the beginning and try not to ramble lol.My headaches were every night same time and exactly 45 minutes long. Woke me from a dead sleep at a peak pain of '10' and continued thru to a minute before it was over at a peak of 10. Is this normal? I do have problem with light, probably why I originally got a migraine diagnoses. I did get ill one time (5yrs into them maybe) but I think it was alllll the tylenol I was taking to help, but it didn't.This forced me into a hot bath which I found to be the only thing to-date that helps me. My hubby props me in a shower (because I am unbalanced) at full blast hot only. I like to put my hands under the stream of hot and put them to my eyes. I don't seem to have the one side or eye problem, but heat on the whole eye area feels better than not.Then bam after 45 minutes gone.Like clock work.
I did have a turn of events about 5 years ago. My sister was over and I fell asleep on the couch while she watched tv. Well I woke with a CH and she informed me I seemed to be having an asthma attack before hand. I don't have asthma. But now I have trained myself to wake up when my breathing goes bad and abort the CH before it happens 90% of the time. If I can't its off to the shower. I don't think its an asthma attack, maybe sleep apnea????? Any ideas out there? I see a new doctor finally Monday morning and I would like to go in with a great deal of ideas or available med knowledge..HELP...and thanks for more thing. Every morning after (only 1 CH a night, for unrecordable lengths of time..too spuratic) I feel 200%! great physical energy, totally positive attitude ,spirits soaring. So I never have really dread this headaches, altho for the 45 minute during a CH I spend my time saying shoot me quick or crying ouch ouch ouch...literally. Anyone else have this upside? I don't think I have shadows either, but I am not REAL clear on them. Maybe these aren't Cluster??? Thank again.

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