What is a headache?

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Posted by VD ( on September 04, 2000 at 07:30:28:

Is a headache just a pain in your head? A runny nose? A monkey
in your brain? Or is it when your head turns to a water ballon
ready to burst?

I think it's a whole body thing. If you got cancer, a sickness of some
kind, or just your whole general well being is bad, you can get headaches.

Which is why I think "Lifestyle" will probably be the answer for most
people that are here not just to bitch.

If you have a good "General well being" then I think the less health problems
you get and the less headaches you get. Maybe the headaches are trying to tell
you something else is wrong.

The problem with doctors trying to seperate the different types of headaches into
catagories is that people start to think that they have an all "NEW" differnt type of
headache, that is the worst pain known to man. Unfortunatly ALL people with vascular
headaches feel this way about themselves. And now that they know they have this "terrible"
disease they lose hope. Instead of doing whats right and taking care of their health
they turn to all kinds of drugs, which do alot of damage to your body on thier own.
(maybe even making things worse)
If you ask any doctor he/she will be the first to tell you that having a good lifestyle,
and taking care of your health is the Number 1 thing you can do for any illness.

But of course this is only My Humble Opinion
And How can I shove this down your throat?
Am I making you follow my Opinion?

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