CH and Massive Stress Conditions

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Posted by Q ( on September 08, 2000 at 02:18:19:

Has anyone noticed a trend that people show up on the CHMB and disavow major stressors in their lives, then, sometime later, reveal one of the "top-10" stressors, like divorce, separation, death, change in status of a physically handicapped child, etc?

My casual observation is that ...

(1) many, if not a majority, of CH'ers initially claim that their lives are fairly normal, containing only "ordinary" stressors;

(2) many, if not most, of those must be in denial over their actual situation or how much stress is "normal";

(3) that the mind MUST cope with these long-waveform stress conditions;

(4) that the high coorelation of CH and addictive-compulsive behaviour in individuals is meaningful;

(5) that massive denial is a character trait of addictive-compulsive disorders (a disease that tells you that you don't have it);

(6) that MD's have a hard time dealing with CH, because in their hearts-of-hearts they believe that CH is fundimentally a mental condition and not a primary physical condition; and,

(7) that many CH'ers dismiss the mental root cause theory for fear of the stigma, or because that is how denial works.

I am not suggesting something as simple as lifestyle changes being a cure for CH. I still hold that the only comprehensive root cause theories that make sence are those which place the mind (rather than the brain) at the base of the problem. That is why psychoactive drugs, such as LSD and mushrooms seem to be so effective.

The question is why does the mind do this?

For anyone who needs make-up class on this mind-body theory see the website below...

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