Transcending Pain

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Posted by Q ( on January 14, 2000 at 02:10:28:

I have been reflecting upon something I was told several months ago, while in the grips of CH pain. That is the concept of trancendence. I wish to thank the CHMB community for their support during the past months. In large part, you have guided me along a path which allows me to separate the pain from myself. When I am able to surrender my fight against the pain it seems to lose its power over me. When I fight the pain it seems to intensify and fight back. The concept of surrendering to win is counter-intuitive and hampered by intellectualism and western culture. I do not understand the pain, but it does not matter. I do not ignore it, but choose to give it no power over me. I become liquid and let it flow without resistance past. I am aware that it is there but trust in the things I have been taught. The pain has nothing to do with me, it only exists in my body for a short time. Its agenda is irrelevant. I am not strong enough to fight it, so I relax and take the high-road. My brain is out to kill me, but corners of my mind contain safe havens. Brushes with insanity define sanity. The pain is powerless when the mind achieves the spiritual state. These brain storms rival spectacular meteorlogical forces, yet when the water floods away the landscape is clensed. These brain quakes allow new fissures to fold and snapyse. The community is there, before during and after. Spiritual flights to float above the pain with clear mind becomes possible with the love from the group. When the pain comes, we have a good place to go, if we choose and believe and trust and practice.

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